About Us

Agro World was established in Tucumán, Argentina, in 1996 as a dynamic and competitive exporter of agricultural raw materials and has experienced accelerated growth since its formation.
The company has not only been a strategic partner for international importers of agricultural raw materials but has also has supplied useful consulting and administration services to their clients in all stages in the business.
The professional profile of Agro World has developed over recent years in this second decade of the new millennium resulting in greater recognition from its new wide-ranging client base.


The headquarters of Agro World are located in the province of Tucumán, in the city of Tucumán situated in the north east of the Argentina Republic.
Agro World has expanded its influence in the whole region including the provinces of Salta, Jujeo, Santiago del Estero, Entre Ríos and Corrientes renowned as producers of pulses and cereals. Recently we have opened offices in Barcelona and Valencia to support our expansion into European markets.

The company also has 2 processing plants in Argentina, one of them located in Rosario de la Frontera en the province of Salta and the second in Puerto Iguazú both equipped with up to date technology permitting the application of rigorous quality control procedures and resulting in greater efficiencies and
lower costs.

Our Objective

Our new objective for this next period of company expansion is to open new markets in other countries and with this in mind we are employing all our resources and above all we are opting a much more serious and rigorous approach with companies who wish to work with us.

Our Mission

Agro World is essentially a multifunctional resource for importers, whose mission it is to provide integral solutions for clients, by optimizing timescales, facilitating procedures and resources for successful and agile completion of their transactions.


The first decade of Agro World’s existence was dedicated to developing it’s prestige and reputation and to emphasize its policy of continuous improvement.

The companies vision and drive is directed towards developing new commercial strategies, incorporating new products for exportation where there is a sustainable international demand and implementing the constant adjustments of quality control levels required from demanding international standards. To this end the company puts great emphasize on employing and training professional staff, providing them with up to date technology to ensure and facilitate sensitive information flows.

Despite the global commercial reality and the impact of technological innovation, Agro World is a company which puts great emphasis on a personalized and bespoke service with its clients, direct and friendly, and who will always have easy access and a channel open to the partners in the company.

We believe a personalized client attention and relationship guarantees mutual understanding, devolves trust and provides a better framework for effective responses to specific requirements, issues and needs.


Agro World’s professionalism displayed and the quality of its products has been amply rewarded by the opening and acceptance of important markets in South America and Europe.

The biggest volume of continuous exports are with South American countries. Brazil in recent times has become our principle commercial partner and has positioned us as the highest ranked exporters of black beans.

Venezuela and other South American countries frequently receive a large proportion of our merchandise.

We have also managed to successfully gain access to the restrictive European markets overcoming the most stringent and exhaustive standards of quality control for black beans, white beans, pinto and cranberry.

New challenges

Agro World is a young company, with a great professional team and with a proven track record in exportation. The great challenge  which our team is ready and prepared for is to develop  and open new and unexplored international markets to expand our business.

Agro World is an ideal strategic partner to support the success of your business.